Stella’s technical list
French Production - 2007 - Colour - 77 minutes - Video
Gauge 4/3 (or 1,66) - Stereo - 25 im/s - Running Time: 1hr 16’ 46’’
Languages: Romanian and French
Original version - Version with French subtitles - Version with English subtitles
Masters Support: Digital Beta
Screenings Format: Beta Sp or Digital Beta
This film has obtained a writing and a development production grant(s) from the French CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie)

Image - Sound - Direction Vanina Vignal
Editing Mélanie Braux
Sound editing Sébastien Savine - Pamplemousse Sound Creation
Mixing Gildas Mercier - Pamplemousse Sound Creation
Grading Guillermo Fernandez - Sylicone
Translation/Adaptation Louise Williams and Vanina Vignal
Dvd sleeve design Julien Berthoud
Poster design Emmanuel Tête
Produced and distribued by NOVEMBREproductions
With the help of PERIPHERIE - Center of Cinematographical Creation,
Cinéastes en résidence, in partnership with the Seine St Denis County Council
With the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie (writing grant, development grant, Cosip)
And of Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa

Nota Bene - Stella was entirely shot in DV with a Sony PD 170, apart from the journey, which was shot with a digital photo camera in “video” mode. Thus the possible “desynchronisation” impression, as the latter shoots 30 images per second.

PERIPHERIE - Cinéastes en résidence - Jeanne Dubost
87 bis rue de Paris - 93100 Montreuil - Tel. 01 41 50 01 93 - Fax. 01 48 31 95 45


Stella’s post-production contractors - Technical support

PAMPLEMOUSSE Sound creation
STELLA’s Mixing and sound editing
Manager and Mixing (of great talent) Gildas Mercier
49 rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris - FRANCE
tel + 33 1 43 49 35 02
fax + 33 1 43 49 40 82

STELLA’s grading
Guillermo Fernandez
Sales manager, Catherine Wartel
10, rue Biscornet
75012 Paris - FRANCE
tel + 33 1 44 75 11 11
fax + 33 1 43 43 20 42

Subtitling - spotting, simulation and overlay - of STELLA’s masters in video format
Subtitling managers, Irène Escadafals and Nathalie Lamy
Subtitles Spotting: Hind Bouchareb
Subtitles Simulation: Sonia Eschbach
15 rue Benjamin Raspail
92240 Malakoff - FRANCE
tel + 33 1 46 12 19 18
tel irène + 33 1 46 12 19 18
tel nathalie + 33 1 46 12 19 48
fax + 33 1 46 12 19 20
cmc/lvt site:

GFC (les grands films classiques) - Video Service
STELLA’s dvd
49, avenue Théophile Gautier
tel + 33 1 45 24 43 24
fax + 33 1 45 25 49 73
email :


People who appear in STELLA

Stella Stella Margean
Marcel Margean - Stella’s husband
Gabi Gabi Moldoveanu - Stella’s sister

and, in St Denis (93), France
Nelu Moldoveanu Stella’s brother - Playing backgammon
Razvan Epure Gabi’s son - French class student - Dancing with his mother
Matileanca Ciobotaru Marcel’s cousin - Learning to sew
Caroline Damiens Voluntary French teacher
Raphaëlle Morel d’Arleux Voluntary French teacher
Little Sarah The pope won’t chop her finger off
Cocos Bancuta Cutting Marcel’s hair
Little Malvina Ichim Washing her trousers on the sofa
Birta Ichim Malvina’s father - Playing backgammon
Little Prinsi Sarah’s girlfriend
Nuti Sarah’s mother - Sweeping under the motorway
Verona and Isabela Back from Robespierre school fair
Mihai Stan In charge of hygiene in the shantytown - French class student

in Paris
Sylvie Doucet Professor at the Institute of odontology and stomatology
and maxillofacial surgery at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital
Romain de Pape Student who made Stella’s dentals
Romain Popelut The other student

in Braila, Romania
Stella Caraman Stella’s neighbour, looked after her flat
Apostol Caraman Stella Caraman’s husband - In overalls
Stefane Ciocirlan (fane) Stella’s neighbour
Doïna Moldoveanu Stella’s older sister
Zana Margean Marcel’s mother


I wish to thank the people who appeared in this film, as well as those who didn’t:

in France,
Rodica Ichim - Didina Stefan - Ion Stefan - Dada  Margean - Maria Cristea - Marcel Cristea - Valeriu Ciobotaru - Costica - Sylvia - Paltone - Nicoleta - Silviu
The children Viorel Ichim - Ion Ciobotaru - Alberia - Alicia
And all the inhabitants of the Hanul shantytown
Sister Jacqueline and sister Thérèse
All the members of the St Denis Gypsy Support Committee
Yannick Lucas - Sociosanitary mediator at ASAV
Joseph Rustico - Jurist at ASAV
Professors Le Texier, Rillard, Moulin, Azrad - Institute of odontology and stomatology and maxillofacial surgery
Julie Subra, student who made Gabi’s dentals

In Romania,
Cristi and Mina Epure - Gabi’s two other children
Stanuta Ciocirlan
Gina Margean
Members of the Margean and Moldoveanu families

I also wish to thank
Thierry Meresse, director of Communication and Cultural Affairs at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital - Paris
Julie Portal, his assistant

ASAV Romany Help and Advise Group - Nanterre

Cristian Mungiu MOBRA Films - Bucharest

Finally, my most heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported the “Stella” project:
The entire PERIPHERIE team
Monique Tuffelli
Isabelle Peyrefitte
Jean Hart
Ioana Abur
Rodica Abur
Veronica Abur
Anca Androne
Véronique Aubouy
Peter Bach
Mélanie Braux
Agnès Bruckert
Angélica Chaves
Jean-Christophe Colson
Léa Colson
Ioana Damian
Anne de Gaspéri
Cécile Déroudille
Julien Donada
Jeanne Dubost
Irène Escadafals
Teona Galgotiu
Thomas Gilson
Paul Grivas
Harriet Hirshorn
Masha Kassian
Carole Kalenga
Pascale Krief
Thomas Lallier
Maud Roupsard
Juliette Schrameck
Pascaline Simar
Dora Soltani
Michèle Soulignac
Maïssa Toulet
Alexis Tadié
Iris Tadié
Hélène Tison
Leïla Vignal
Louise Williams

This film is also dedicated to the memory of “Margean”, Marcel’s hunchbacked cousin
He was a beggar at the Châtelet metro station
He died of tuberculosis shortly after shooting this film

Stella wishes to thank
Sister Jacqueline and sister Thérèse
Médecins du Monde,
The St Denis Gypsy Support Committee,
Institute of odontology and stomatology at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, Professors and student

Max Fourestier Hospital, Nanterre
Doctor Moutel
Doctor Carbonnier
Doctor Khalfoun
The nurses
Mme Emilie Zurita

Beaujon Hospital, Clichy
Doctor Rillardon, who operated her two slipped discs,
The nurses in his ward

St Joseph convalescent home - Saint Brice
Doctors, nurses and patients

Hospital René Dubois, Pontoise
Doctor François Gilbon, Urologist
“He removed the catheter in Marcel’s only kidney and saved his life”

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